We believe fellowship fosters relationships.

Today’s youth

A proverbial saying is that it takes a village to raise a child, and yet, the concept of villages is virtually extinct within our communities. The idea of neighborly love is dead. Where, then and how can our children, our future generations, the hope for our world, receive this ever-important village-nurture? As with all questions, the answer has been provided by God. He has given us a place to take our children where they can feel safe and come to know him as their Good Heavenly Father at an early age. It is important, now more than ever, for young families to establish themselves in a Christ-centered church, to model service for Christ and to set the moral tone for their children. Children need to learn about Jesus. No matter their age, they need to be in church.

Children’s activities

Our church offers a wide variety of activities for children. Sunday School, Children’s Church and special programs throughout the year help strengthen our children’s knowledge about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The children are encouraged throughout the many stages of their development to share their love of God through songs, sign language, scripture memorization and service. Not only does our staff put in time and effort into each of their interactions with the children, but most importantly, they put in prayer and love. Jesus commanded his disciples to let the children come unto Him. The commandment holds true today: bring a child to church.

Teen service

In a society fueled by the rights of the individual, we strive to teach our teens that their rights are secondary to others, especially during these formative years that are so often used to fuel self-serving ideals. Christ-like service is integrated into our teen community. Jesus came to earth to serve. It was not beneath him to serve others in even the lowliest capacities; therefore, we strive to give our youth opportunities year-round to practice this same selfless service of Christ-like love and affection with the prayers that one day, for each of these boys and girls at CBC “the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” (Matthew 25:40 KJV) Love and integrity through service: it’s what Christ’s life was all about.

New Christians

It is so important as a new believer to be surrounded by mature Christians. It is from this that new believers are strengthened in their faith and learn to rely on God for instruction rather than the world. We are living in an age where quality mentors are rare and yet they are needed more than ever. Church fellowship fosters these things. For every age and every stage in a believer’s life, there are mentors and there are students. There is a place for you in church; there is a need for you to attend.

Young couples

The fundamentals of a relationship are formed in the first few years of marriage. What better foundation for a marriage than learning and growing in Christ together! It is known that a wise man builds his house upon the rock, and so it should not surprise us that the same holds true for couples. Give your marriage a good foundation by attending church regularly together. Surround yourselves with like-minded couples. Pray together and spend time in the Word of God together and let God use you both for the furtherance of his Kingdom.

Existing couples

Marriage can be a struggle. The world, and more specifically, the devil, makes it so. Even in the Garden of Eden, the devil made it his purpose to sow seeds of discord in marriage; therefore, it should be no surprise that he has continued this practice today, attacking couples at their weakest points. From the example of Jesus himself, we know the only way to resist the devil is through scripture.  If your marriage is not what God intended it to be, please join us at church with a willing heart, humble spirit and a desire for God to enlighten you. Do not give the devil a foothold in your life or your marriage.

Even if your marriage is not in need of repairs, it is most certainly in need of a good tune-up. No marriage will grow and thrive without regular care and maintenance. What better way to perform ‘marriage maintenance’ than to attend church and grow together, spiritually?

A place for Seniors

At every level of our church family, we strive to love and support our seniors. Children are taught to respect, honor and love their elders. Special Sunday School sessions allow our children to get to know our seniors on a deeper level and to hear their testimonies about how they were saved and what God has done for them. Our teens willingly and joyously plan, prepare and perform for our seniors at the annual Seniors’ Banquet held every December. They are esteemed and treasured and bring joy to our congregation. At CBC, we strive to show our seniors continually how much we appreciate and love them, and how much they mean to our church!